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Connecticut Lottery

Scratch Games

Scratch games involve the purchase of a ticket at a lottey retail store. All tickets are predetermined winners or losers. Winning tickets also have a predetermined prize. It is pure luck as to whether the person who purchases a ticket wins or not. Typically, scratch games do not offer life-changing amounts of money, but sometimes scratch games can offer top prizes in the millions of dollars.

At any given time, Connecticut has numerous scratch games available. Tickets prices range from $1 up to $30. Each game has a different theme and criteria for winning. For example, in order to win, you might need one of your numbers to match the dealer's numbers, or complete a certain number of words in a crossword puzzle game.

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The Connecticut Lottery also publishes statistics regarding the number of unclaimed prizes for each scratch game. Click here for a list of scratch games and their unclaimed prizes.

Draw Games

In addition to scratch games, Connecticut also offers draw game. In a draw game, you pick a number or numbers. When the lottery commission draws the winning number or numbers, you can win if the numbers you picked match some or all of the drawn numbers. To play a draw game, go to any lottery retailer and ask for a form for the appropriate game. Make sure you understand the rules and criteria of the game you are playing before you make your pick!

Connecticut also participates in multi-state draw games such as Powerball®, Mega Millions®, and Lucky for Life®.

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